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Thank you for your interest in shipping with us. To get started we will need to create an account for you.

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It is of EXTREME importance that the name we are opening an account under maintains consistent with the same name we will be receiving your cargo under. This way we can prevent any shipping delays and/or further expenses. Once information has been provided an export coordinator will be assign to your account and they will be contacting you.


A couple of tips:


Ship to labels should read:


2351 NW 121 Court, Suite 115

Miami, Florida 33182


Once you have placed your order and receive confirmation please email your coordinator the following:

  • Copy of Commercial Invoice

  • Carrier and Tracking number for all items purchases

  • Shipper Letter of Instructions from each supplier for goods being exported (Do you know if your cargo requires an Export License? Your supplier is the individual that will know this! Do not carry this responsibility. Have them fill out Shipper Letter of Instructions.)


Thank you!


CIC- Team

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