Traffic Manager & Central America/Caribbean Division Manager: Alejandro Carbonell, Ext. 112,    
Traffic Coordinator: Nileth Acosta, Ext. 115,
Traffic Coordinator: Andrea Garcia, Ext. 125,
Warehouse Manager: Arsenio Vega, Ext. 114, 
Warehouse Manager: Rolando Largaespada, Ext. 117, 
Operations and Technology Manager: Allan Hon, Ext. 108, 
Office Accounting Manager: Hazel Alvarez, Ext. 104, 
Lead Accounting and Internal Control: Laura Munguia-Aguirre, Ext. 122,
Billing Coordinator: Azure Gomez, Ext. 110,    
Receptionist / Administrative Assistant: Maria Teresa Vargas, Ext. 109,
Aruba LCL Lead: Naira Gazali, Ext. 102, 
Traffic Coordinator: Annette Perea, Ext. 113,
Traffic Coordinator: Carlos Rivero, Ext. 101,
Traffic Coordinator: Kendra Hernandez, Ext.118,
Traffic Coordinator: William Trujillo 
FCL and Caribbean Lead: Dionne Sumner, Ext.106,
Traffic Coordinator: Aleisi Ricardo, Ext. 103,
Traffic Coordinator: Massiel Carrion, Ext. 116,